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Dry eye is a very common problem among computer users. There are two the most widespread reasons for the computer users’ dry eye problem:

  1. Much less frequent blinking. Computer users’  frequency of blinking is about a third of the normal rate;
  2. Wide opened eyes, while looking at the monitor, leads to an increase the tears evaporation speed from the surface of the eye.

Family eye care tips for computer users to reduce dry eye syndrome

  • Set your monitor screen in correct position. The center of the screen should be at 4-7” below the user’s eyes.Family eye care dry eye
  • The distance to the monitor should be at least 20”
  • Blink more often at the first symptoms of dry eye. Actually, you should try to blink more often all the time while working at computer.
  • It should also close your eyes from time to time and make a few circular motions with your eyes.
  • Have 2-3-minute breaks every 20-30 minutes of work at computer. Focus your eyesight at long distance objects during these breaks.
  • Use a special eye drops (tear substitutes).
  • Limit time working at a computer as more as you can. Ideally you should not work at a computer more than 4 hours a day.

If dry eye syndrome worries you often, we at Family Eye Care Tips recommend you to not neglect a visit to an ophthalmologist, and do not engage self curing.


Your eyes can become red-colored for a lot of factors, such as an infection, swelling, allergic reaction, smashed bloodstream and also stress. When the white-colored part of the eye (sclera) seems to be red or perhaps pink, you may have one of several issues:

Pink eyes (red eyes)

In case you have children, you probably are familiar with an eye disease called pink eye. Grownups could possibly get this, as well. In case the inflammation is from the type of pink eye often known as conjunctivitis, you will probably have other signs and symptoms for example itchiness, burning or even stinging, discharge, puffiness, tearing – or even a combination of these symptoms. Various types of pinkeye are infectious, and several are generally not. Allergic conjunctivitis, for instance, isn’t infectious. Nevertheless virus-like and microbial types of pink eyes tend to be contagious. Therefore it is better to see your eyesight medical doctor or perhaps family doctor for medical diagnosis alongside probable remedy.

Family Eye Care Tip: Before you learn more by what could be creating your trouble, you have to prevent rubbing the eyes. Ensure you clean the hands frequently. Regarding reduction, have cool, moist compresses externally the closed eyelids.

Eye Allergic reactions

Family eye care - pink eye infectionAllergy symptoms may just be seasonal (springtime as well as autumn), or they may take place when some allergen invades the eyes, such as kitty dander or perhaps gases. Perhaps you have an eye allergic reaction in case your eyes promptly turn into red-colored, tearing and also puffy. The way in which the eyes are impacted could well rely on the time of the year as well as kind of flora you might have in your geographical area. However , many men and women may also obtain year-round allergic reactions due to dust mites, conforms, and so forth.

Family Eye Care Tip: Use cool, wet compresses externally on your closed eyes. It’s also possible to get reduction due to the over-the-counter antihistamine by mouth. But if your allergic reaction continues to upset you, you may have to see your eye medical doctor to get the prescription that will help you handle signs and symptoms.

Damaged Blood Vessel (subconjunctival hemorrhage)

Smallish bloodstream within the white part in your eyes may crack from pressuring, lifting, massaging and even absolutely without no reason. Known as subconjunctival hemorrhages, they normally are safe and also typically are not presumed an unexpected emergency.

Family Eye Care Tip: To feel safe, you have to visit your eye medical doctor in one day or perhaps a couple of following the moment when you noticed signs and symptoms to ensure there is no primary reason for the damaged blood vessel. In any other case, presently there actually is no remedy except for long time period for many of such bloodstream leaks.

Eye Trauma

Family eye care eye traumaHaving strike in the eye can easily result in redness, together with pain and blurry eyesight. The eye can be damaged or even gouged, even so there in addition might be invisible destruction inside the eye, say for example a unattached retina, which can be much more severe and have to be taken care of. Unless the hit is quite light, an eye medical doctor ought to deal with eye trauma immediately.

Family Eye Care Tip: For some instant alleviation, place a really cold compress or even some ice at the harmed eye. Stay away from rubbing the eye. If you cannot achieve your eye medical doctor, visit an emergency room or urgent care center with regard to help support.