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There are various reasons why people develop vision problems. Using too much computer and watching television at a very short distance are two such reasons. Moreover, if there is a history of bad eyesight in your family eye care must be given much more importance. For a person to overcome shortsightedness or long-sightedness, glasses or contact lenses are often used.

However, for some people, wearing eyeglasses can be oftentimes uncomfortable. On the other hand, contact lenses can cause dry eyes and are not suitable for some people.

One solution readily available for people suffering from various eye conditions is getting eye surgery. Laser eye surgery is a process which reshapes the cornea to deal with the defects in the eyes which cause vision problems.

Before undergoing laser surgery for your eyes, it is wise to know that there are various treatments which can be used. The most common of which is Laser In Situ Keratomilieusis or Lasik. To conduct such procedure, anesthetic drops are first applied to the eyes to make them numb. An apparatus called microkeratome is used to slice off a flap above the cornea. A laser will then be used to remove thin films of the bare section of the cornea to vary the shape.  This process is done for barely a minute.

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Another variation of Lasik called Interlase Lasik on the other hand uses a laser instead of a blade in slicing off the flap of the cornea. With this procedure, the surgeon has more control of the size and thickness of the corneal sheet to be cut off.

For people who have higher prescription, especially when bad vision runs in the history of the family eye care surgery called Laser Epithelial Ketatomilieusis or Lasek can be done. This procedure involves removal of the epithelium after being softened with alcohol for half a minute. The cornea will then be lasered and the epithelium is put back. The patient needs to use contact lens for four to five days while the epithelium recovers.

It is wise to remember that getting laser eye treatment offers both advantages and disadvantages. Laser treatments correct eyesight defects with negligible discomfort. Normal vision can be experienced within few hours and patients can get back to work after a few days. For people with higher prescription, undergoing Lasek can offer them miracle of normal vision again.

Undergoing laser eye surgery cannot give you good eyesight for a lifetime. As a person ages, his eyes deteriorates too, as their cornea may alter shape. Side effects such as dry eyes, or seeing a glare or halo can be experienced by the patient after the surgery. These side effects however, do not apply to all patients.

Before undergoing any laser eye treatment, it is important that you talk with your ophthalmologist regarding the procedure that will fit you best. It is also important that you eat a balanced diet to help your vision gets better and avoid further eye deterioration.